User Agreement

Because of the inappropriate behaviour of some folks, we at have decided we need a User Agreement of some kind. We tried to keep it simple. But it grows.

-All recovery fellowships are welcome in this chat. By chatting here you agree to be respectful to others. Abuse will not be tolerated. Personal attacks, harassment, disparging, ridiculing, predatory, or threatening comments, or impersonating room members is not respectful to others and isn't acceptable. Respect the anonymity of others.

-Keeping things "in the spirit of recovery" means being kind, respectful, and supportive to one another. We want this to be a safe place to chat and everyone here is accountable for their own behaviour.

~Sexual Harassment (defined as "unwelcome sexual advances") is not tolerated here. Anyone reported for such behaviour will be banned for a week for the first offense, if it is confirmed by a moderator or admin.

-No threats. It's sad this must be said. This includes threats to the site, chat, anyone using this site, its owner, or anyone else. Do not threaten to harm others.

-Our resident chatbot can be a lot of fun! But it's no fun for anyone if someone is intentionally using it as a way to be consistently disruptive. It's disrespectful. If you're asked to stop by multiple chatters, then stop it! Same with the GIFs etc!

-No racism. No hateful speech directed at anyone else in the room.

-Swearing. We allow "swear words" but do not use profanity directed offensively at another chatter. Name-calling isn't acceptable, swear words or not.

-Multiple user names. Sometimes a person wants to hide for whatever reasons. So having TWO usernames for the main room is acceptable. More than that and the accounts will be deleted.

-Don't romanticize the addictions of others, even if you don't share them. So you're not AA/NA/GA/OA, it doesn't mean you have to glorify the use of alcohol/drugs/gambling/overeating, etc. Don't be an ass, don't say things that could be intentionally triggering to others. If asked to stop, multiple times or by multiple users, please stop!

-You agree that your email, which is used in registration, will only be used for the purposes of recovering a lost password; or if you vanish, it may be used by the owner of the site to try and reach you.

-If you break the User Agreement you may be booted&gagged or banned for a length of time that varies depending on the offense. From hours to months. This is generally progressive. Please behave.